A system that may work when abusers aren’t yet at the threshold to be charged for major crimes:

The system works in no small part because it turns the logic of an abusive relationship on its head. The abuser works by making the victim feel like she will never be free of him, his violence, and his surveillance. If she tries to leave, he escalates. If she gets a new boyfriend, he escalates. The idea is to make her feel like her choices are to submit or to live in terror. The high-risk teams shift the burden of being surveilled from the victim to the abuser. Now, if he makes a threat, Massachusetts has the power to escalate. If he uses visitation time to attack her or her children, Massachusetts restricts visitation. Now he’s the one who has to make his decisions with the understanding that someone with power can further restrict his movements and his ability to live freely. Abusers often victimize for years before taking things to the level of a serious beating or murder. By restricting movements in the early stages, it appears that the program helps keep abusers from getting to that point.


First Meta Post

Well, I’m still just gearing up before I do much with this blog.  For now I’ll record some of my planning here.

(Of course some of my ideas may change as I learn the exact distinction in the usage of “tags” and “categories”, and other things I’m unfamiliar with on this website)

One important Category I want is Speculation.  This will be for so many items that I’ve put some thought into, but am also sure there is much more I would need to know before I’d feel certain about the topic.

I need a resource page somewhere.  I’ll have to figure out how to do that.  And of course, if I could, I’d get rid of this unpleasant white background, and use darker tones that look better to me.

Another thing I might do is some thoughts about relationships and friendship.  The blogs Gruntled and Hinged, Brute Reason, and Captain Awkward already have some great writings on the subjects, though I haven’t read them as much as I’d like.
I thought there was more I wanted to say here, but that’s all I recall for now.