The project adopts a social media structure that invites users, upon entering the site, to summarise their vision for changing the world. The site then instantly displays a range of suggested “action platforms”- similar visions already instigated by other users- which are conveniently broken down into “micro-actions”- 132-character propositions reminiscent of Tweets- that would assist this vision. The user can elect to take on a micro-action and complete one, or alternatively can plug in his or her own micro-action and distribute it to other like-minded users for completion.

I’ve thought of similar ideas.  The above article was written December 2011, and I’ve never heard of this website until now.  After briefly looking at the website, it’s still active even in the past few days, though I’m not sure how much.

Massive-scale online collaboration

Let’s have the courage to make Wikipedia development one of the default methods of college assignments. It will make our lives easier, make student work more challenging and interesting, and produce something useful for society.

Sounds good. Kind of reminds me of that other education method I saw: students learning another language would be given segments of text from wikipedia to translate. This helped to translate entire pages from one language into another. (Individually they had errors, but combined, the translation was very good).

The video where I saw that is called “Massive-scale online collaboration” and also mentions using captcha to digitize scans of books.  And I found that video from the website Solve For <x>.  Collaboration on projects such as the entirety of wikipedia are amazing, despite being new and young.  There is much more we can do in the future.


I feel the need to add a category titled “daydreams”.  These are something I have frequently, and I don’t just want to label them to inform others of their nature, but to remind myself about where most of them fit in.  One of my fears in life is to become a babbling crank, like some of the specimens in my playlist here.  This fear may have psychological origins from my unease with my older brother, who would fit right in that playlist beside the Spirit Science videos claiming martians lived on earth (in atlantis!) and the guy claiming to have telekinetic powers.

Anyways, these daydreams can be inspiring to me, and perhaps others, to produce more realistic ideas.  So I suppose this category can be a subcategory of art, seems sensible enough.

It would be cool if I worked some of the ideas into longer sci-fi stories, but I’m usually not that productive.  Short stories maybe?  Who knows.