I feel the need to add a category titled “daydreams”.  These are something I have frequently, and I don’t just want to label them to inform others of their nature, but to remind myself about where most of them fit in.  One of my fears in life is to become a babbling crank, like some of the specimens in my playlist here.  This fear may have psychological origins from my unease with my older brother, who would fit right in that playlist beside the Spirit Science videos claiming martians lived on earth (in atlantis!) and the guy claiming to have telekinetic powers.

Anyways, these daydreams can be inspiring to me, and perhaps others, to produce more realistic ideas.  So I suppose this category can be a subcategory of art, seems sensible enough.

It would be cool if I worked some of the ideas into longer sci-fi stories, but I’m usually not that productive.  Short stories maybe?  Who knows.


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