Youtube isn’t how I would have predicted.

It’s not like Deviantart.  It’s more like Facebook, or Twitter.

Not very much of the content is completed art being shown to the world.  It’s mostly akin to talk shows, news, or sports commentary.  (Since when do young people like those things so much?)

When I search for games, it’s rare to find them without commentary.  SCP-078 is supposed to be an immersive horror experience.  Yet the vast majority of gameplay videos of it feature commentary and giggling from the player.

I was also very fond of Starcraft as a cinematic and immersive experience.  But the vast majority of Starcraft videos feature commentary.  The ones that don’t aren’t much better, because instead they usually follow the camera of what the player is looking at (which darts around frantically, is a limited perspective, and misses a lot of the action), rather than a cinematic replay cam.

Sure, you can search for “short films”, but it’s still fairly limited.  People rarely make their own fiction TV series.

(But you will find tons of videos giving tutorials of how to make special effects.)

I find this all a bit dissapointing and unfulfilling, actually.

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