What Will David Lynch Be Like In 2016?

The last David Lynch movie was Inland Empire, made in 2006 (I have my own interpretation partly detailed in a previous blog post for those who are curious).

And now he’s set to finally make something again, in his return to Twin Peaks next year.

Suddenly there’s two things I’ve started thinking about in relation to this exciting development:

  • How David Lynch has changed since he made the series Twin Peaks
  • How the world has changed since then, and also since the last time he really made anything at all (2006)

So, for the first item, even the Twin Peaks movie (which came out shortly after the series stopped) was drastically different from the series to the extent that many fans of the series disliked the movie (I loved it).  And certainly David’s most recent work, Inland Empire, has left nearly everyone simply scratching their heads, unable to comprehend.  Will his new series shock fans of the original?

On the second item, one thing often noted about his movies is the sense of somewhat antique style.  How will this be done in 2016?  His movies have yet to feature a computer (if I recall correctly).  And something huge has changed since 2006, which will make his usual style even more at odds with the current times:  the rise of social media, and non-stop use of handheld devices.  We are now in a world full of Facebook and Youtube and Wikipedia, text messages and Snapchat and Vine videos.  Will any of this feature in his newest work?  Will a computer finally play as significant a role as the tape recorder, the camera, or the television?

So much to wonder about…

[EDIT:  about computers, in actual fact a computer is sometimes visible in a room in the Twin Peaks sheriff’s station.  Also, in an episode where the FBI is investigating Cooper, one person is using a laptop.  In the movie Lost Highway, a computer is briefly used at the prison.]


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