Are There Other Minds On Youtube? (Part 3)

Here below is the most recent exchange, part 1 is here, part two is here.  I now realize that maybe I dumped too many links in this response, and it would take forever for someone to actually read them.  I think when I wrote this I just assumed the person wouldn’t read them anyways, but I wanted anyone else who was reading along to be able to get a deeper view.

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Are There Other Minds On Youtube? (Part 2)

The other day I posted about a youtube conversation with someone called cindyisa10.  Here is the most recent response I sent:

Eh? The only reason I didn’t list evidence is because I didn’t think that is what you were asking for. I thought you were just asking for scientific methodology.

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Difficulty With Government Forms Part 1: Bank Account Information.

While trying to check if my bank account information was correct on a government form, I encountered this strange and confusing “help” page on the TD website.

I sent them this feedback:

Several parts of this help page are confusing. First, it says “Transit or Branch Number” when it really should say “Transit or Branch Number plus location digit”. “Transit or Branch Number” implies that the Transit number is equal to the Branch number. But this is contradicted by the description, which says that the Transit number is the Branch number plus one digit to indicate the location/province. Second, the description of “Designation number” is unclear. It seems identical to the Transit number’s description. Yet the diagram example shows it is not. Third, how is the four digits a “branch location number” if a fifth number is called “Branch Locator”? If the four digits are already the location number, why is another digit required before the branch can be located? Fourth, how does the sentence “You can find your branch number by using our Branch Locator” make any sense? The branch number is the four digit number. So how can the Branch locator (one digit) help us to find the four digit number?

Copying a Youtube URL at Current Time.

Simply right clicking on the video brought up the option to copy the video URL at the current time, but left clicking the option did not work.  (I’m using Firefox)

So I right clicked on the option, which brought up another menu.  This menu had the option to google search for the URL, which turned out to be the correct one.

EDIT:  I just found out that maybe it did sort of work the normal way.  Because now I saw that my youtube post had the URL several times.  So maybe the previous times I tried to paste the URL did work, but it was simply invisible until I submitted the post?  I’m not sure.