More Plot Without Conflict

There’s an art blog called still eating oranges and they made a fairly popular post called The significance of plot without conflict.

While unfortunately that post seems to mix up plot and narrative structure (or even a revealing of information), maybe the idea they talked about can be applied to either.

Anyways, here’s another very basic plot that has no conflict:  someone has a desire, and so that person takes an action to satisfy that desire.

You may not realize it, but this simple plot is very popular.

Where, you ask?  The porn industry!  The desire is “to have sex” and this causes the characters to have sex.  This is a logical cause and effect, a plot.  Though, of course, plenty of porn films have plots that are different from this.

Rape Culture 101: What Is Rape Culture?

Here are my criteria for what the term “Rape Culture” refers to:

  1. memes and attitudes etc. (“culture“)
  2. that are incorrect/immoral
  3. that are related to rape, sexual assault, and consent
  4. and may contribute to problems related to rape, sexual assault, and consent

So the debate over whether Rape Culture “exists” are usually baffling to people who understand this.  Obviously we can see that attitudes and memes exist for any given subject.  Obviously some of them can be wrong.  Obviously errors can be harmful.

What people really should be arguing about is not whether it exists, but whether a particular meme or attitude is actually correct or incorrect.  That’s the part that matters.

And there’s plenty of well-informed writing on that matter.  I might gather a bunch to post later.

For other examples of the “_____ Culture” terminology format, see: “ownership culture”, “blame culture”, “ask culture”, “guess culture”, etc.

Dream Humanism Goals

Here’s some of the things I’d like to work on bringing to my local area.  Also, I might start a Facebook Group for that soon.  For now I guess this is a rough copy, perhaps I will edit it later with more detail etc.

Better People

Making people more reasonable:

  • Improving people’s thinking skills
  • Perhaps popularizing Carrier’s “think something through every day” method, could compare it to the much more popular practice of regular physical exercise
  • Spreading Humanistic ideology
  • thus preventing bad political parties from even standing a chance, among other things

Better Democracy, Organization, and Community

Better Living Conditions

Make lives more free from economic worries, bad jobs, etc.