My Missions Statement for 2017

Ok.  I think I have some ideas for this year.  What to do, how to do things differently and better, etc.:

  • My job search needs to be more “social”.  No more impersonal online job applications.  Do a more social networking style of job search (though of course business websites are good and helpful), and only apply when relevant people know me by name.
  • I’ve got an idea for a website that is technically possible.  I’d like to make a prototype before summer, and see if I can make a business.  There’s people I can talk to about this.  And plenty of people who would be interested in using my product.
  • I’ve finally got a bunch of ideas for art I can make.  Time to start making.  I’ll try to get some fans online, and a Patreon and that sort of thing.

There’s other things too, like getting an APEGA mentor, investing some money, doing stuff for the Humanist groups I’m part of, and lots of learning about stuff, and (of course) blogging more often.

But the above three points seem like the main three to me right now.  In fact, the website idea has stuck with me since I was first putting it together in the early months of this recent fall.  Then I realized, really, it is related to many other ideas I’ve been enthused by over the years, and I guess it’s all evolved over time into this.  Many different ideas came together into a comprehensive whole, and it might actually be something people would be interested in.

Hopefully this will all be as fun as it sounds.  At the very least, I’ll be building skills and experience.