A Creationist Encounter on Youtube

So someone (David B) on Youtube decided to argue with me about evolution and abiogenesis.

I have made one response (which I will re-post here and also maybe expand upon) and just now he finally got around to responding back.

His response is so bad that I think I’ll need to respond in two separate ways:

  1. A line by line response to every single error he made
  2. A response that removes all the red herrings and gets to the very core of the disagreement

[EDIT:  I’ve done the line by line response, and it’s too illogical for me to care about doing any more.  So I guess I won’t bother trying to get to the core of the disagreement, it seems it would be a waste of time]

I’m kind of excited, I have some stuff I think I can use to continue my series on the philosophy of gender.

Maybe in the next few days I can finish writing it.  I’ve already told people at Pharyngula that I want to share it with them, hopefully they can give me feedback before I post it here…

First Meta Post

Well, I’m still just gearing up before I do much with this blog.  For now I’ll record some of my planning here.

(Of course some of my ideas may change as I learn the exact distinction in the usage of “tags” and “categories”, and other things I’m unfamiliar with on this website)

One important Category I want is Speculation.  This will be for so many items that I’ve put some thought into, but am also sure there is much more I would need to know before I’d feel certain about the topic.

I need a resource page somewhere.  I’ll have to figure out how to do that.  And of course, if I could, I’d get rid of this unpleasant white background, and use darker tones that look better to me.

Another thing I might do is some thoughts about relationships and friendship.  The blogs Gruntled and Hinged, Brute Reason, and Captain Awkward already have some great writings on the subjects, though I haven’t read them as much as I’d like.
I thought there was more I wanted to say here, but that’s all I recall for now.