Are There Other Minds On Youtube? (Part 3)

Here below is the most recent exchange, part 1 is here, part two is here.  I now realize that maybe I dumped too many links in this response, and it would take forever for someone to actually read them.  I think when I wrote this I just assumed the person wouldn’t read them anyways, but I wanted anyone else who was reading along to be able to get a deeper view.

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Are There Other Minds On Youtube? (Part 2)

The other day I posted about a youtube conversation with someone called cindyisa10.  Here is the most recent response I sent:

Eh? The only reason I didn’t list evidence is because I didn’t think that is what you were asking for. I thought you were just asking for scientific methodology.

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Deepak Chopra’s Amusingly Wrong Assertion Against Naturalism.

No one knows the biological basis of mind; therefore, linking the physical nature of the brain with actual thinking is totally unproven.

I’m amused by the way he shoves the word “therefore” in between two versions of the same assertion.

Except that we do know the biological basis of mind. It is the brain. And this is obvious even just looking at what the brain is like: neurons that signal to each other (and alter each other) and bridge the gap between our sensory input and our motor outputs, just like our mind does! And given all of our data about how the mind changes exactly as the brain does, and it’s clear this is exactly what it is all doing.  With new technology we can also reconstruct people’s “private” thoughts and experiences by sensing their brain activity.