Philosophy of Gender

I’ve looked for philosophical writings of gender topics, and been very dissapointed.

I’ve decided to go through this topic here on my blog.  I’ll try to start simple, and build from there.

For the sake of that simplicity, I will avoid using ideological jargon that the average educated citizen probably doesn’t know.  Even the word “gender” counts as such jargon, it is defined in multiple different ways by multiple different schools of thought, and many of these uses of the word would be incomprehensible to the average person.  So I’ll avoid using it, except wherever it is very useful and I think I can use it without anyone getting confused.

Today, I will limit myself to stating the following moral conclusions:

  1. Style preferences should not be opposed.  Anyone at all is entirely right to have long or short hair, wear dresses, wear a style that you find ugly, and so on.  This extends to people modifying their bodies, even if you dissagree such modifications are just “style”.
  2. Activity preferences should not be pushed into segregation.  If you would not condemn one person for taking a particular career, having a particular hobby, having a particular role in life or in the family, or behaving a certain way, then you should not discourage a person who is different from doing those activities.